Our kids Martial Arts program consists of children as young as the age of 4. Our program teaches all the martial arts skills, as well as self discipline, self esteem, stranger awareness, and how to effectively deal with bullies. We also do a short summer camp program for our karate students for extra karate practice and other fun activities! We take pride in helping shape the lives of children and have members that have been with us since they began in their early childhood.


Our adults gain greater self confidence training in our system of martial arts. Adults also find that it is a great way to control the day to day stress that work and other facets of life bring. It is an awesome workout that not only teaches self defense, but also how to stay in shape as we get older. Teens learn how to overcome problems with self image, channel energy, and make new friends.


Our kickboxing/core classes, are designed to teach you proper technique while getting a heart pumping, cardiovascular workout. We have been teaching kickboxing for over 2 decades and classes are taught by skilled martial artists. Core is essential for balance, coordination and defines the body. Hand weights are also utilized in our kickboxing classes.

24/7 GYM

Our 24/7 gym is equipped with Life Fitness and Hammer Strength equipment. Our small, clean facility offers what most big gyms offer, without the hassle of waiting on a machines. Personal Training is available. No contracts, no hassle, just a nice place to workout. Check out our history/tour page for a virtual tour of our gym.


Think Smart Self-Defense is a comprehensive personal safety course. The purpose of our course is to provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and basic skills that will enable them to recognize a potentially dangerous situation, take steps to avoid that situation when possible, and as a last resort defend themselves. Think Smart is the result of over 45 years of Martial Arts experience and 30 years of teaching Martial Arts, Self-Defense, Rape Prevention Seminars and Defensive Tactics to Law Enforcement. Shooting Tactics & Urban Defense specializes in close quarter combat training which includes; Self-Defense Training, Weapons of opportunity training and concealed firearms training. Check out the events page for upcoming seminars or contact